quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Palavras expandem a visão

“A window is an outreach to the unknown, the different, the exciting, the useful and the beautiful. Physical windows are with us through life. It is through them we see the world from our home while a child, from our school while young, from our factories and offices while working, and from our cars or jets while traveling. Yet these views are limited by our eyesight, and when evening comes the view shrinks to those few areas which can be seen despite the darkness.

But words as windows are not limited by time or distance. They free us from the routine, the banal and the mediocre. They stimulate and inspire us to see other places, do other things and think other thoughts. They enrich our lives and let us live.”

Giles T. Brown, retired Dean of the California State university at Fullerton

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